Sunsets on the North Shore of Long Island

Long Island, New York

The north shore of Long Island, New York has many beautiful places to visit. Here I focus on the Gold Coast, the north shore's most pristine stretch. I discuss great places for viewing sunsets, the times of the year to go, and the best days to go on.

Incredible cloud formation.

The most incredible cloud formation I have ever seen forms in the red sky as a thunderstorm approaches, over the calm Long Island Sound.

The first place I will discuss is West Neck beach in Lloyd Harbor. The weather in Lloyd Harbor and Lloyd Neck is more dramatic than other areas of the region, and the cloud displays can be spectacular. The best time of the year to view sunsets at West Neck Beach is April and May, as there is a very scenic pier that the sun sets behind. The best days to go are when a spring storm clears up around sunset.

Spring storm at West Neck beach pier.

A spring storm clears at sunset over the pier at West Neck Beach, revealing a dramatic pink and yellow sky.

Next is Northport. The harbor here is especially beautiful with many boats, and it is right next to Northport village which has many good places to eat. During the months of June through August the sun sets right behind the boats at Northport's harbor. Any partly cloudy day has a good chance for a sunset, and as always the best days are when stormy or mostly cloudy weather become partly cloudy just before sunset.

Red Northport harbor sunset.

The best sunset of 2021 blazes red through the sky at Northport village's famous harbor, setting the perfect background for its boats.

Another great village to visit during the summer is Cold Spring Harbor. You can view sunsets in Cold Spring Harbor at Billy Joel Park. Here, like Northport, the sun sets behind the boats at the harbor during June through August. The best days to go are when stormy or mostly cloudy weather becomes partly cloudy just before sunset.

Dramatic pink clouds in Cold Spring Harbor.

Dramatic pink clouds form over Billy Joel Park in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, as stormy weather approaches.

There are many other scenic places on Long Island's north shore. During the summer, if you go to any of them when the weather is good you can see a great sunset!