A Guide to Fire Island Sunsets

Fire Island, New York

Fire Island, New York is notably home to very beautiful stretches of beach. In the summer, the beach is packed with beachgoers. In the winter, the beach is very quiet, but it is the best time for viewing sunsets. Here, I will discuss a guide to viewing Fire Island sunsets. My guide is the same for the Hamptons and Jones Beach as well, as the sunset time and placement of the sun are the same. Visit your local beach with these instructions and you should have success.

Pink, orange, and yellow beach sunset.

Pink, orange, and yellow clouds set the scene for amazing waves in one of my favorite beach sunset shots.

As I wrote above, winter is the best time for viewing sunsets at Fire Island. The reason is that, despite the cold weather, the sun sets right over the beach to create amazing dramatic skies. The winter weather is also great for amazing clouds. When a sunset has amazing clouds, the clouds trap the color in the sky and make for a dramatic display.

Burning red sky and driftwood.

Dramatic reflections of a burning red sky and driftwood captures low tide on a beautiful evening.

The best months for Fire Island sunsets are the mid-November to the end of February. A great place to view is Robert Moses Field 5 or your local beach. Make sure to arrive at the beach at least a half an hour before sunset to avoid closures. Dress warm, and make sure to wear gloves as there can be wind.

Orange clouds and beautiful waves.

Amazing orange clouds are met by beautiful waves on a December evening.

The next thing to discuss is what days to go to maximize your chance of seeing an amazing sunset. While any partly cloudy day has the chance of a great sunset, the best days to go are when stormy weather or mostly cloudy days become partly cloudy at or a couple hours before sunset. This is because these days have the best clouds, and the clouds trap the colorful light. Weather.com has accurate, updated forecasts that I have used with high success.

Stormy beach sunset.

A stormy day clears up at sunset to form an impressive red and yellow sky, as waves and reflections dominate the scene.

The best place to view a sunset is always over bodies of water because of the way the clouds will form. Use this guide and have a great time viewing amazing sunsets on Long Island's south shore!